Cities of the Illithid Empire

The majority of the population in the Empire lives in the large city-ships or in massive metropolises inside of terraformed bodies of rock.

City-ships of varying size travel the Astral Sea, seeking resources and keeping peace throughout the Astral Sea. These city-ships have widely varying culture and capabilities based on the inclinations and interests of the noble family of Mindflayers that runs the city.

The large metropolises are carved out of massive, freely drifting chucks of rock in the Astral Sea and made habitable by arcane secrets closely guarded by the Terraformer’s Guild. These metropolises are commanded by Elder Brains but permission for a noble house to operate in a city is great honor. Various metropolises have been moved to key locations of magical importance and are fiercely guarded by the Imperial Navy.

This section will include a list of cities of note.